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Proactive Elder Care was created to foster dignity and compassionately help aging adults and their families make informed decisions. Decisions are made by sharing knowledge in five key areas and a wide range of subareas. The five key areas include: Health, Finance, Law, Housing, and Social Services. Mary Jo personally understands the emotional, financial, and time-constraint challenges in managing health-related issues and the strain on career, marriage, and family.

After living in Fort Wayne for over twenty-five years and having raised their two children, Mary Jo’s aging in-laws’ health began to decline. Soon, countless long-distance road trips to Southeastern Indiana began with increasing frequency to provide health and financial oversight. In-home, assisted living, nursing home, hospital, and hospice care services made it possible to overcome some challenges but created others. One challenge, in 2010, the average national nursing home cost was over $74,000 per year per person. Eventually skilled-care nursing would cost almost $150,000 per year for both parent’s care (Money, U.S. News*). Nursing home care costs and a plethora of other challenges continued for a combined total of seven years.

In 2010, Mary Jo founded Proactive Elder Care, Inc. to share her wealth of knowledge and make the road easier for aging adults and others with financial and/or healthcare oversight. Her personal knowledge and experiences are combined with a Bachelor of Science in Management and Masters of Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University. Working seven years in hospital and physician office administration, Mary Jo is experienced in assisting executives and physicians. As a former physician-office administrator and adjunct professor, she taught business, marketing, and sales. Similar to instructing her students with their business marketing and sales plans, Mary Jo instructs her clients with their individual elder care plans. She provides assistance in understanding the complicated maize of options encountered while simultaneously walking with you on your journey.

* Nursing Home Costs Continue to Rise in 2010

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