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Proactive Elder Care provides advising, referrals, and seminars empowering aging adults and their families with information before health-related issues surface and the burden of critical and difficult decisions are immediately required. Dedicated to fostering dignity and compassion, Proactive Elder Care helps aging adults and their families make informed decisions. Whether it is future planning (proactive) or an immediate healthcare crisis (reactive), Proactive Elder Care assists clients in managing all needed aging-process factors by constructing the framework for actionable strategies.

Delayed elder care planning is costly in time, money and available resources. Unexpected health-related issues arrive when least expected and frequently require immediate action increasing emotional and physical stress. Lack of elder care information, immediate service needs, and insufficient resources limit options.

Advising, referrals, and affordable seminars are provided with leading professionals in their fields speaking on specific elder issues. Topics include medical, finance, law, housing, social services and numerous other subtopics in these areas to help make informed and cost effective wellness decisions.

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